eSign, legality and benefits

eSign stands for electronic signature. As opposed to wet signature which needs a physical paper to be signed, eSign enables signing documents online. eSign Electronic Signature Service enables any Aadhaar-holder to electronically sign documents using Aadhaar eKYC services. eSign Application Service Providers (ASP) like us, Manch Technologies integrate with this service to facilitate Aadhaar-holders with a way to sign documents electronically. With this service, the entire signature process can be done in seconds, sitting at your desk. A pre-requisite for this process is linking your mobile with Aadhaar.

Yes. eSign is legally valid and it is a recognized form of signature under the provisions of Information Technology Act, 2000. The government has introduced Electronic Signature or Electronic Authentication Technique and Procedure Rule, 2015, in which e-authentication technique using Aadhaar has been recognized to facilitate eSign Service.

eSign helps you to sign a document at your convenience. You need a 12-digit Aadhaar number and a mobile registered with it. Once you have this requirement met, you can digitally sign any document and use it for different legal purposes. Esign elimiantes the need to print - sign and scan the documents and eliminates the need to store physical copies (Paper Copies) hence transforming your organization to a true paperless business environment If two parties entering into an agreement have Aadhaar number and Aadhaar-registered mobile numbers, then it is possible for both the parties to sign the document online without being physically present. Besides being reliable, using eSign service helps you save time and cost. Since eSign involves paperless transaction, you can also contribute your bit in saving trees.

eSign Function

The PDF document or content in any form which needs to be digitally signed, is converted in to message digest. The message digest represents the entire document and any change in the content will generate a completely different digest. The message digest is encrypted with the private key of an individual whose Aadhaar is linked with the mobile by UIDAI infrastructure and will become part of the document. Any change in the document after eSign will show the signature invalid

To validate an eSign affixed on a PDF document, please follow these steps-

  1. Download the document and open it with Adobe Reader.
  2. Click on Signature Panel at the top or the eSign appearance.
  3. When ‘Signature Validation Status’ opens, click ‘Signature Properties’.
  4. In ‘Signature Properties’ window, click ‘Show Signer’s Certificate’.
  5. You will be redirected to ‘Certificate Viewer’ window. Click the tab named ‘Trust’.
  6. Click ‘Add to Trusted Certificates’. Click ‘OK’ in the pop-up that follows.
  7. You will next see ‘Import Contact Settings’ window. Check (Tick) the boxes provided before Certified documents and the three other options that follow it. And click ‘OK’ to continue.
  8. You will be redirected to ‘Certificate Viewer’ window, click OK at the bottom.
  9. Click ‘Validate Signature’ in Signature Properties window. And then click ‘Close’.
  10. Now your eSign is complete. Your eSign will have a Green Tick mark which means it is legally valid.

An eSign on a PDF document will look like this

An Aadhaar holder whose mobile is linked to the Aadhaar can avail this service to digitally sign a document.

Your eSign affixed on a document will be valid forever as long as the document contents do not change.


You can check if the mobile is linked to your Aadhaar on the following site


If your mobile is not linked to the Aadhaar number, you are required to visit the nearest enrollment center to link the mobile to aadhaar.

You can change the already linked mobile number to a new number at the following portal


A Certifying Authority is a trusted entity which issues Digital Signature Certificate, which is an essential part in the eSign service. Section 84 of IT Act 2000, describes CA as a licensed-holder to issue DSCs.

  • Controller of Certifying Authorities: CCA is the regulator
  • Certifying Authority: CA is the body responsible for generating and certifying the Digital Signature Certificates used in Aadhaar eSign
  • eSign Provider: Is a “Trusted Third Party”, a CA in this case, doubles up also as an ESP (being a KUA) responsible for generating key pairs
  • Unique Identification Authority of India: UIDAI is responsible for authenticating Aadhaar eKYC
  • Application Service Provider: ASP provides the software platform for users to sign documents using Aadhaar eSign.

Once you click ‘Get OTP’ button, you will have to make sure that your Aadhaar-registered mobile number is active and is within its network coverage area. In case you still don’t receive the OTP, you can click on “Resend Button”. But if you do not receive OTP even after clicking Resend OTP, it means that there could be some network delay in receiving the SMS and you will have to try the transation again.

Manch eSign Solution

Manch Technologies an ASP (Application Service Provider), is duly certified by and registered with multiple ESPs, for providing services facilitating eSign.

Using our platform, you can sign documents online, request signatures from multiple signers, track status and securely store all your important documents online in an organized manner.

Users having DSC in a Dongle can benefit from MANCH’s dongle service, the service seamlessly integrates MANCH platform features with Dongle based digital signature.

MANCH’s digiLocker service enables retrieval and storing of documents in digiLocker in a seamless manner as part of the business process enabled by MANCH.

  • Pre-certified software environment
  • Software as a Service
  • Cloud Enabled
  • Multi-Tenant
  • Multiple Signature Options
    • Aadhaar, DSC, Custom
  • APIs to integrate with Core Application
  • End to End Security
  • Sandbox environment for testing/ certification
  • Sample Code for Quick Start
  • Failover Strategy – certified by multiple ESPs
  • Go Live in Minutes
    • Through Manch portal
  • Integrate your current application within ONE business day
    • Only one core API to integrate
  • Simplified transaction management
    • Intuitive transactional and admin UI
    • Simpler implementation
  • Eliminate the paper for form filling
    • Business Process Automation

The eSign authentication is provided by UIDAI and it is highly secured. Manch solution is audited and certified by empanelled independent auditors before as per the prescribed guidelines. Manch offers high grade of security to customer information.

Manch provides three modes of operation to support eSign requirement of our customers

Portal Access

Zero Integration

Use MANCH Cloud service to eSign & store documents

Web Service API

Single API to enable eSign

Supporting APIs for document access and process management

Integration kit and sandbox environment will be provided to test the integration before going live

Transaction information including the transaction status is part of the portal dashboard. A reconciliation report, daily transaction summary as well as eSignature balance status is made available to the customers.

For any customized reporting, please contact support@manchtech.com

Manch solution logs are regularly backed up and available on need basis. These logs are for internal consumption to understand the solution behaviour. However if there is specific need to access the logs, please contact support@manchtech.com

There are different flavours of Manch solution where documents are stored for the benefit of the customer to access them later or documents never leave customer premises. The document storage module uses high level of security to guarantee “Security of the documents” stored on MANCH storage server.

Our customers adopt either of the approaches based on the business need

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