Application Programming Interface

Simplifying Business Integration

MANCH has developed a rich set of APIs to help organizations capture information in a paperless, contactless environment from their partners. The easy to integrate approach that MANCH has taken helps organizations push the information to their CRM/ERP system.

MANCH APIs help organizations seamlessly integrate their core business processes with various external services for authentication, verification, compliance, digital signature, and document management.

Use Cases:

  • API to digitally sign the document using Aadhaar or Non-Aadhaar based eSign technology
  • APIs to read data from the document
  • APIs to authenticate the user entered data like mobile number, email, PAN, GSTN, bank account, company registration etc.
  • APIs to manage workflows, documents, information collection
  • APIs for Video KYC

This service helps the organization authenticate customers/businesses using multi-factor authentication methods to provide a secure transacting environment

Instant verification of the information provided by customers/businesses helps bring down the cost and time of verification. MANCH offers a number of verification services for real-time verification of critical information like mobile number, email, GSTN, PAN, bank account, driving license, CIN, and much more.

OCR helps bring down the application processing time significantly. The ability to read the information from digital copy of the document reduces errors, helps verify the information faster, and saves time.

The Aadhaar & Non-Aadhaar based digital signature has helped organizations and individuals complete transactions at a significantly lower cost.

Organizations interact with external entities. These business interactions require information, documentation, consent from parties, verification, and authentication of the information and documents. MANCH's rich set of APIs help organizations capture these details in a paperless, contactless environment from their partners. MANCH’s easy to integrate approach helps organizations provide seamless business interactions.

KYC forms a major part of any business requirement- be it opening a bank account, loan processing, business transactions, investment transactions, recruitment, and much more. MANCH provides a self-service and agent-assisted Video KYC that meets the regulatory requirements of RBI and SEBI.

MANCH is integrated with banks to provide Aadhaar based eNACH (ACS Mandate) facility.

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